The father of Phoebe’s unborn baby will soon be revealed in the upcoming episode of “Home and Away.”

While waiting for the result of the paternity test, Phoebe (Isabella Giovinazzo) will assure Ash that she loves him and the result will not change anything between them. DigitalSpy reported.

Phoebe’s life has been in state of confusion and uncertainty since she found out that she was pregnant shortly after breaking up with Kyle and starting a new relationship with Ash.

The three will go to the hospital to get the paternity test result and they will be shocked by what they will find out. It is Kyle’s baby.

Phoebe will do her best to convince Ash that they can make it work, but Ash will tell her that he can’t do it anymore and it is over for them. He will leave her alone and in tears.

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Marilyn’ meeting with Mary from the DOCS will go well, but Marilyn’s past will later hunt her.

Mary will be informed that Marilyn abducted a baby and Marilyn will reveal that the incident happened years ago.

Still devastated by the possibility that she and John can no longer foster a child, Marilyn will be electrocuted by an exposed electric cable left by Hunter when he broke into the Diner.

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Meanwhile, Metro reported, Ed Sheeran’s cameo appearance on “Home and Away” will be shown on Thursday (Oct. 29).

Sheeran plays “Teddy,” one of the children Marilyn took care of while living in London.

Teddy will visit Marilyn while he is in Australia, but she is completely unaware that he is now an internationally-known musician. She tells her husband, John, that a musician is coming to stay with them for a while.

Sheeran will perform a song in The Diner for the residents of Summer Bay.