Hunter King will get into more trouble in the upcoming episodes of “Home and Away.”

According to DigitalSpy, the new villain in town, Trystan, will kidnap Hunter (Scott Lee).

Trystan (Ben Mingay) will drug Hunter and drag him into a car, which VJ will witness.

Summer Bay’s newcomer Trystan will later abandon Hunter in the bush.

DigitalSpy quoted Lee in an interview with TV Week as saying: “Hunter is disorientated, confused and doesn’t know where he is. Waking up in the middle of the bush is a terrifying thing to happen to anyone. He hears what he thinks is a car and walks towards it. But he is still suffering the effects of the drug and he stumbles again and he collapses.”

Before Hunter’s abduction, Trystan will threaten Charlotte (Erika Heynatz) that he will cause harm on her and those she cares about.

The upcoming storyline will show Trystan blackmailing Charlotte that he will expose her deep secret if she will not reveal Brax’s whereabouts, DigitalSpy added.

Charlotte earlier hide her son’s crime and as well as Denny’s death this week.

Last week, Hunter broke into the Diner and stole a safe. He also left water spilled on the Diner’s floor that caused Marilyn’s electrocution.

Marilyn will regain consciousness at the hospital, but she will not recognize her husband, John, RadioTimes wrote.

The incident at the Diner forced Charlotte to get rid of the stolen safe and demanded Hunter to leave Summer Bay. However, Denny catches her before she can hide the safe. They will struggle, which will cause Denny to fall and hit her head on the bench.

Don’t miss tonight episode”Home and Away” in which Denny will be killed and Charlotte will hide a crime once more.

Meanwhile, Irene will also issue an eviction notice to Charlotte tonight.  Angry Charlotte will confront Irene.

Watch preview of tonight’s episode here.

What will be Charlotte’s next move? Will she ever find her son in time?

Home and Away airs weekdays at 7 pm on Network Seven in Australia.