“Home and Away” 2015 season finale airs tonight and a shocking cliffhanger awaits fans.

One of the major characters in the most successful soap in Australia will get married, Sydney Morning Herald reported. Another character will be murdered and nine others become murder suspects, it added.

Leah Patterson-Baker, played by Ada Nicodemou, is the one who will tie the knot with Zac MacGuire.

Nicodemou revealed to Sydney Morning Herald that somebody will get drunk at her wedding after revealing that she was raped by a family member. Nicodemou added that somebody will also burst into the ceremony and throw embarrassing accusations at several guests. Then the murder will happen.

“It’s a crap wedding, really. The only good thing is that Leah gets to wear a fabulous dress. I love wearing a nice frock. It all looks amazing. There’s fireworks as well,” Nicodemou said.

It was earlier reported that Zac’s ex, Charlotte Hunter, will show up at the wedding uninvited, and someone will die in the event.

Although the name of the character who will die is yet be to revealed, reports indicated that it can either be Charlotte (Erika Heynatz), Hunter King, Kat Chapman, or Ash.

Sydney Morning Herald reported that Nicodemou could not be the murder victim since she mentioned that she is filming an episode that will be shown in April 2016. However, she also did not reveal if the victim will be her new husband, Zac.

Don’t miss “Home and Away” season finale today (Dec 9) at 7 pm on Seven.

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Meanwhile, “Home and Away” spinoff, titled “An Eye for An Eye,” will also stream today on Presto.  The spin-off will pick up 36 hours after the finale, according to New Idea, .

Ricky Sharpe (Bonnie Sveen) will be thrilled when familiar faces, Heath Braxton (Dan Ewing) and Bianca Scott (Lisa Gormley), return to Summer Bay.

However, things will turn bad when Ricky’s son Casey is kidnapped in the middle of the night. Ricky will receive a call from Brax’s arch nemesis, Trevor “Gunno” Gunson (Diarmid Heidenreich), who has busted out of jail and is demanding $50,000 ransom for Casey’s safe return.