An unprecedented season finale is coming in “Home and Away.”

Producer Lucy Addario hinted that “Home and Away” 2015 season finale is something that they have not done before,  DigitalSpy wrote citing Inside Soap interview.

Addario said: “I’m really excited about this year’s season finale and I think it’s going to keep audiences guessing in a different way from previous years. The cliffhanger is something we haven’t done before, and the way it was filmed was a first for us – but you’ll have to wait and see!”

Addario also teased that Charlotte King, played by Erica Heynatz, is the one to watch for in the coming episodes as she will become increasingly desperate.

It was previously reported that Charlotte will accidentally kill Denny Miller following a struggle after she caught Charlotte trying to get rid of the safe Hunter stole from the Diner.

Addario explained that Denny’s death will trigger Charlotte’s downfall.

“Home and Away” series script executive Dan Bennett crafted Charlotte’s storyline, DigitalSpy noted.

“Dan Bennett’s intention was to see the creation of a villain. When she arrived in town, Charlotte was a relatively normal single mum seeking a sea change and wanting her son to connect with his father, but not now! Charlotte will be central to so many other plots and twists that are coming up. She’s going to get a lot more desperate, and as a result, start making enemies that want to see her leave the Bay,” Addario revealed.

Meanwhile, tonight in “Home and Away,” Leah and Roo find Marilyn on the floor of the Diner and take her to the hospital, RadioTimes wrote.

Hunter finds out about Marilyn’s electrocution caused by the water he accidentally spilled when he broke in and stole the safe. He plans to hand himself to the police but Charlotte orders him to leave Summer Bay instead.

Will Marilyn ever regain consciousness again?

Find out on “Home and Away,” which airs weekdays at 7 pm on Network Seven in Australia.