A shocking finale awaits fans of Australia’s longest running soap “Home and Away.”  According to DigitalSpy, a major character on the show is set to be killed off in the season’s finale next week.

Although the character’s name has been kept under wraps, DigitalSpy wrote that it could either be Charlotte King, Hunter King, Kat Chapman, or Ash, citing TV Week report.

DigitalSpy noted that all four characters have their big secrets and are all linked in each other in some way.

Charlotte has gone to the extreme to cover up her killing Denny Miller and the misdeed of her teenage son, Hunter, who stole a safe from the Diner. Her actions have placed Hunter in danger when he was kidnapped by Trystan.

Kat is getting close to the truth about Charlotte’s involvement on what happened to Denny, and she has become Charlotte’s next target.

Ash, on the other hand, is still keeping the truth about Brax hidden.

Who will be dead in the finale and who is responsible for the crime?

“Home and Away” producer Lucy Addario previously said the show’s 2015 season finale has a cliffhanger and it is a first for the soap.

“I’m really excited about this year’s season finale and I think it’s going to keep audiences guessing in a different way from previous years,” said Addario.

“The cliffhanger is something we haven’t done before, and the way it was filmed was a first for us – but you’ll have to wait and see!” he added.

The finale of “Home and Away” last year featured the shocking bus crash involving a number of Summer Bay residents. In 2013, the season ended with a bomb blast at the hospital, DigitalSpy noted.

Meanwhile, TV Week‘s latest issue also teased Nate’s wedding proposal to Ricky and if she will accept it.

The final episodes “Home and Away” 2015 season will be aired next week in Australia.