Dr. Nate Cooper will finally pop the question to Ricky Sharpe in next week’s season finale of “Home and Away.” However, according to New Idea, the circumstances may change when Ricky (Bonnie Sveen) finds out that her former partner, Brax, is still alive.

After weeks of finding the perfect moment to propose, Nate will finally ask Ricky to be his wife at Zac and Leah’s wedding.  Kyle Pryor, who plays Nate, told New Idea: “In his mind, Nate wanted to make it the perfect proposal. There were a lot of blundered attempts, then Ricky got wind of it and it was all a bit of a nightmare, really.”

Find out next week if Ricky will say yes to Nate’s proposal.

Meanwhile, Nate’s declaration of love to Ricky, however, will not be the only one that will sidetrack the wedding ceremony.

Zac and Leah’s special day will also be filled with tension when Charlotte King (Erika Heynatz) shows up uninvited.  Charlie Clausen, who plays Zac, told New Idea: “Charlotte turns up and is determined to ruin their big day.”

Ada Nicodemou, who portrays Leah, added, “Charlotte basically stops the service and threatens everyone with the fact that she knows their secrets and is going to tell all. She wrecks the service.”

Spoilers suggest that Zac and Leah’s wedding day will end with a shocker.

It was earlier reported that a major character in the show will die in the upcoming episodes. Although the character’s name has been kept under wraps, some reports indicated that it could be Charlotte, Hunter King, Kat Chapman, or Ash.  “Home and Away” also teased a huge cliffhanger in this year’s season finale.

Producer Lucy Addario hinted about the cliffhanger, saying: “I’m really excited about this year’s season finale and I think it’s going to keep audiences guessing in a different way from previous years.”  In an interview with DigitalSpy, Addario said: “The cliffhanger is something we haven’t done before, and the way it was filmed was a first for us – but you’ll have to wait and see.”

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