Irene will find herself abducted by a mystery culprit, claimed the latest Home and Away spoilersWill she survive the ordeal?

According to Digital Spy, Irene Roberts was duped into meeting with the stranger claiming to be her long-lost son. Her friend Olivia realized that she hasn’t come home and so sought for help in order to find Irene.

“It soon becomes apparent that Irene is being held against her will in a derelict house in the middle of nowhere,” it said. The report added that she will try to extricate herself from her desperate situation, but then Mick—the crazy person who abducted her, “steps up his crazed behavior.”

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Olivia is also not safe as Mick is targeting her next, according to Home and Away spoilers. He failed to get her and so he turns to Irene to take out his frustration. He then pulls Irene into the vast field where fans will be left to wonder about her fate.

In an interview with TV Week, actress Lynne McGranger explained that Mick is convinced that Irene is his mother. But then he also blames her for what he has become after hopping from one foster home to the next. In his own perverted mind, having Irene to his own is what will make him happy.

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Also, Maddy finds herself trapped under a pylon while Roo is still unconscious amid all the rubble. Ricky is nowhere to be found.

In other Home and Away spoilers, Ricky will suffer the consequences of having surgery after he develops a complication. Oscar’s death will leave a dark mark on Evelyn and her family. Andy will look after Tank, who unraveled following the accident out of guilt more than anything else. Meanwhile, Tank will confess to Skye about his involvement in Oscar and Hannah’s deaths.