Home and Away 2016 is going to give you some shocking twists in its tale. It is going to feature a dangerous plane crash that will put many of our Summer Bay darlings’ life at risk. Who is going to die in the plane crash? The hints are below.

A new trailer of the ‘Crash Landing’ episode has been released by Channel 5. It teases that not everyone is going to be lucky enough to survive the crash. The promo features the unfortunate aircraft crashing down and getting engulfed by flames.  It is not just a sheer accident. There is an evil reason behind the catastrophe.

Capturing the center stage of the dramatic plot, Duncan Stewart will be organizing a brilliant surprise for Tori Morgan’s 30th birthday – a trip on a private jet to a winery. Unfortunately, bad luck haunts the Morgan family and their dark past returns as their foe Spike is fixated on bringing down the plane, with extreme and shattering results for everyone who is on board.

Spike will leave Justin in a state of shock and deadly fear by telling him: “I hope Tori has a parachute,” just as the doctor, her siblings and her friends are all boarding the plane, describes Digital Spy.

Hearing such alarming words, Justin rushes to stop the Morgan family before they start for the trip, but miserably, he is too late, as he founds the plane has already taken off.

In the flight, Leah, Irene, Billie, Nate and Evie accompany Tori, Mason and Brody. Who survives the crash? Who is the unlucky one to succumb to the tragedy? Is Tori the one to die?

Home and Away 2016 is going to air these disturbing scenes on September 23, with the consequences explored in the week beginning Monday, September 26, at 7 pm on Seven Network in Australia.  In the UK, viewers can experience the shock at 1:15 pm and 6 pm on Channel 5.