Home and Away 2016 spoilers indicate that more Morgan family secrets are about to be revealed in the coming days.

The mysterious family has been the center of several unfortunate events in Summer Bay recently. More shocking revelations are expected to keep viewers on edge in the coming episodes. Aside from being under witness protection, Justin Morgan (James Stewart) also divulged that the bullet that killed their mother was meant for him, DigitalSpy noted.

In the upcoming episodes, Brody Morgan (Jackson Heywood) will be having some flashbacks that involve their mother and their protection officer Decker. In the aftermath of the recent plane crash, the officer admitted to Justin that he betrayed the eldest of the Morgan siblings.

What is Decker’s real connection with the Morgan family?  Brody will demand answers from Decker. However, instead of providing answers, the protection officer will tell Brody that he is now a target. Deckers will also reveal to Brody that fears for his life now. Who is after Decker?

Brody’s life has been in danger after the Morgans’ nemesis Spike sabotaged the plane, on which some of the Bay’s residents were on board.

Elsewhere, Tori Morgan’s (Penny McNamee) love life will be derailed when Duncan’s wife arrives in Summer Bay.

Caroline (Nicole Shostak) will surprise Duncan (Benedict Wall) when she arrives in town with their son Bryce.  She, however, will get a cold reception from Duncan’s father. Alf would not believe Caroline when she says she just wants to check on Duncan after the crash.

Caroline’s arrival will threaten the blossoming relationship between Duncan and Tori. Prior to the plane crash, the lady doctor decided to give Duncan a chance to prove himself to her. Alf’s son then planned a birthday trip for Tori’s birthday.

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