A few days back, we broke the news that Home and Away 2016 is going to feature a disturbing plane crash that will put many of our Summer Bay darlings’ lives at risk.  The news has left fans speculating who is going to die in the plane crash. The latest update on the issue reveals Irene might die.

It looks like the tough time for Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) is not over yet in Home and Away 2016.  A few weeks back, she was kidnapped. The captors kept her in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. Later, it was discovered that the mastermind behind the kidnapping was Mick Jennings (Kristian Schmid), who was later revealed to be the son she had given up for adoption. Why? It is because she became a teenage mother after being abused sexually?

In the upcoming episodes of Home and Away 2016, Irene will be one of nine Summer Bay residents on board a small plane. What will lead to this devastating crash?

Irene Roberts Home and Away 2016

Capturing the center stage of the dramatic plot, Duncan Stewart (Kiwi Benedict Wall)  will be organizing a brilliant surprise for Tori Morgan’s (Penny McNamee) 30th birthday – a trip on a private jet to a winery. Unfortunately, bad luck haunts the Morgan family, and their dark past returns as their foe Spike is fixated on bringing down the plane, with extreme and shattering results for everyone who is on board.

Also on board the flight are Evie (Philippa Northeast), Leah (Ada Nicodemou), Mason (Orpheus Pledger), Nate (Kyle Pryor), Billie (Tessa de Josselin) and Brody (Jackson Heywood).

The plane crash is the latest in a series of torments Irene has had to undergo in the past year followed by a terrifying kidnapping. Sharing her experience of the Aussie drama’s approaching plane crash, McGranger says:

“That was something else I was really dreading – a bit like the plane crash too – but when it actually happened, and we were actually doing it, it was quite freeing and exhilarating and at the end of it, you feel like wow, you’ve really achieved something,” according to Stuff.

On the other hand, the actress appeared quite hopeful about surviving the impending threat. It is because she cannot imagine life without Summer Bay. After 23 years on the Aussie show, McGranger considers Home and Away as an indivisible part of her life.

Whether this Summer Bay favorite will live to tell the tale or meet her last during the plane crash is yet to be seen.

Home and Away 2016 is going to air these disturbing scenes on September 23, with the consequences explored in the week beginning Monday, September 26, at 7 pm on Seven Network in Australia.  In the UK, viewers can experience the shock at 1:15 pm and 6 pm on Channel 5.