Home and Away 2016 spoilers suggest that Evelyn will be out of control in the upcoming episode of the show.

Evie (Philippa Northeast) will put her life in grave danger, thinking that her dead twin brother Oscar is looking after her.

The teen has been having a very tough time since Oscar and her aunt Hannah died in the recent caravan explosion. Her boyfriend Josh also broke up with her and ran away after confessing that he killed Charlotte King. The tragedies in her life didn’t stop there. Evie was also involved in the recent plane crash. She is convinced that Oscar was the reason she survived the unfortunate incident.

Now, she intends to risk her life once again, thinking that she will be closer to her brother by doing so.

Evie will drive a car recklessly while Mason is on the passenger seat. Despite Mason’s warning to slow down, Evie insists that Oscar will protect her. Mason will be forced to take some drastic measure to stop the car. Evie will leave Mason. While alone and screaming for Oscar, she will plunge into the sea. The troubled teen will struggle to breathe and start to drown. Is this the end for Evie? Can Mason save her?

Check out Monday’s episode of Home and Away 2016 spoilers trailer here.

DigitalSpy cited the TV week interview with Northeast where she talked about Evie.  “She hasn’t dealt with the pain of losing Oscar. Evie is a lost girl, clinging to anything that might bring him back. She has the idea that if she gets into the water, he will come to her again. She’s really hoping for the impossible,” Northeast said.

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Kat Chapman (Pia Miller) is in danger, too. She fears that she will fall for Ash once again after her failed blind date. Phoebe and Kat went to a blind date but it turned out to be a huge disaster. The two brought home their dates but were later shocked to see their dates half-naked and waiting for them to “play.”  Kat then caught Ash spying on their blind dates.

The two will become close once again. Kat and Ash broke up after he got involved in some  illegal car reconstruction.

Home and Away 2016 airs Monday to Thursday at 7pm on Seven Network in Australia.

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