The latest episode (September 13) of Home and Away 2016  dropped quite a big bombshell about the Morgans. With Brody Morgan making some shocking discoveries about his family, things are not as easy as they seemed to be. In fact, the next episode of the show will also have some interesting stories to highlight.

September 13 Episode Recap: Brody’s side of the story:

Episode 6477 of Home and Away 2016 was definitely an emotion-laden one, which was engaging enough to keep the fans glued to the screen.  The Aussie series has just gone through a disturbing plane crash where the chances of survival of many Summer Bay residents were pretty slim. However, it appears that tough times for Brody (Jackson Heywood) and his family are not over yet in Home and Away 2016.

On last night’s episode, Brody made some shocking discoveries about the Morgans. He was reeling from a new piece of information. Later, Decker showed up at Morgans’ house and talked to the second Morgan child. However, the conversation did not end on a good note because Brody snapped at him. Brody then recklessly called his elder brother Justin and said that Decker had been lying to them from day one. It appears that the federal police protector assigned to the Morgans has been betraying them right from the beginning, says IBT.

On the other hand, Brody can’t get a recurring dream of his mother out of his mind since the plane accident. Does Brody’s discovery have anything to do with it?  We hope to learn more in the next chapters of Home and Away 2016.

#Spoiler Alert: This Article Contains  Spoiler Moments!

Meanwhile, the spoilers for tonight’s episode reveal that the next installment will focus on Kat, Ash, Nate, Tori and Duncan’s life. While Kat will be seen devastated after her decision of resigning from her job, Nat will try to console her. However, she asks him to get out. Later, Ash will promise to change himself for his ladylove but a heartbroken Kat will choose to walk away from him.

At the same time, Nate will spot Tori and Duncan setting off on a lunch date together. In short, things are not getting better for Nat anytime soon in Home and Away 2016. Elsewhere, Alf will call Duncan an irresponsible man who can’t give a little extra to look after their kid (via Digital Spy).

To know what’s in store in Home and Away 2016 episode 6478 , tune in to the show that airs  on Wednesday, 14 Sep 2016, at 7 pm on Seven Network in Australia. Viewers in thef UK can enjoy the show at 18:00 BST on Channel 5.