Welcome back to Summer Bay! If you are a fan, don’t read. But if you are just curious and want to know what happens next, hang on. Intense drama and suspense are what the next week of “Home and Away” will cash on. In the meantime, Andrew Morley becomes “John Doe” for “Neighbours.”

Brax will leave Summer Bay and Ricky again … for good. Radio Times states that Ricky has to make one final decision and choose between Brax and Nate. Despite his protests about making it work, Ricky does not go with Brax. However, finally, she does confess to Nate about her love for Brax.

Meanwhile, we still don’t know who killed Charlotte. Next week will see Dylan’s renewed efforts to prove Ash as a murderer, states Radio Times. Ash gets saved by Kat yet another time. She receives CCTV footage proving his innocence and Dylan has to let him go. The only positive outcome for Ash is that Phoebe comes back to him, asking if he wants to give their relationship another go. By April 6, the pair will be back on track as a couple.

Back to the Bay discloses that Kat and Dylan are having an affair and they will be exposed. Dylan gets frustrated when Kat is taken off the case. Why is Kat taken off the case? Is it because of her affair with Dylan? Or because she is close to finding the murderer?

While Summer Bay is reeling from the ups and downs taking place in lives of its residents, there is one who left for Ramsay Street, Erinsborough. Andrew Morley, who played Spencer Harrington on “Home and Away,” has started filming for “Neighbours.”

He plays a victim of memory loss, divulges Daily Mail. As a result, he is referred to as John Doe. “When I got the role, there was no brief, just that the character’s name would be John Doe. I read the script and felt like ‘OK, I can take this anywhere,’” states Andrew Morley. “He has no family, so it’ll be very interesting to see who he connects with, who he pairs up with and who the romances are. He will definitely shake things up and we’re all going to have a bit of fun trying to work him out,” he adds.