It looks like the tough time for the Summer Bay darlings are not over yet in Home and Away 2016. After a devastating plane crash, there are still a few more names who are destined to die soon. Billie Ashford (Tessa de Josselin) is one of them. The spoilers for the Home and Away 2016 upcoming episodes reveal Billie will be struggling to stay alive after getting hit by a car. Is she going to die soon?

From the spoilers, it seems like things have been stirred up by a series of actions. Billie Ashford, who is in her advanced stage of pregnancy, will be run over by her best friend Phoebe Nicholson.  Strange, isn’t it?

What would drive Phoebe to make such a brutal move?

Flashback from the past

A couple of months back, we saw how Andy Barrett reverted to his criminal ways. After being released on bail, he realized that his future is not bright but that didn’t stop him from committing more crimes. Eventually, Andy got involved in a car rebirthing scheme. This finally led to Andy’s departure plot. However, it started a new story where Ash fell prey to unlawful deeds.

Kat discovers Ash and Simmo’s Dodgy Dealings

To date, it is only Andy who engages in scams with Simmo, but this time, Ash is also involved. Sadly, he won’t be as cautious as Andy Barrett. Meanwhile, Kat Chapman will get a hint of their illegal dealings and she will arrest Ash to track down the main culprit Simmo.  In the recent episodes, we have seen Kate and Ash getting closer but they fought their feelings for each other. Could they stay the same after this incident?

To make things worse, the reinstated lady police officer even delivered Ash an ultimatum. According to her, Ash will have to help the police catch Simmo. Otherwise, he will be put behind bars. Kat seems really determined to get hold of Simmo. In order to save himself and help the police, Ash will chalk out a plan to trap Simmo. He will soon fix a meeting with him, reveals Digital Spy.

Simmo’s Repercussion

Now there is a twist in the story of Home and Away 2016. Simmo will learn about Ash’s real intentions behind the meeting.  In the meantime, he will get into Phoebe’s car and demand that she drive him out of the Bay. A terrified Phoebe will follow his instruction and help him escape. However, the situation will leave a traumatized impact on her. She will be so disturbed that she won’t be able to concentrate on driving even after Simmo flees her car.

The shattering aftermath

Unfortunately, Phoebe’s disturbed mindset will have devastating effects as she ends up hitting someone. Soon she will learn that someone is her best friend Billie Ashford, who is going to be a mother soon.

Billie’s last is inevitable?

Although Billie will soon be taken to the hospital where Nate and his team leap into action to save her, we will see Billie and her baby’s lives hanging in the balance. Phoebe will also be seen struggling with crippling guilt. Will Billie Ashford survive? Or will she meet her last soon in Home and Away 2016?

Home and Away 2016 is going to air these shocking scenes next week in Australia from Monday to Thursday at 7:00 p.m. on Seven Network. UK viewers can watch them early November on Channel 5.