Home and Away fans are in for a treat this week as the plot heats up for the Summer Bay squad.

Nate and Ricky are scheduled to get married in days, but it seems tension is building between the couple. As preparations get heated, the ghost of Ricky’s past will return to haunt her. Brax will rekindle the feelings of Ricky towards him again and cause her to have doubts about her marriage.

Will she continue with the wedding or runaway with Brax?

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As for Olivia, she feels it’s time to confess her secret to Hunter, but it isn’t as easy at she thought it would be. Before the week ends, she will also be faced with a devastating news that may change her course.

Evelyn will also finally confront Tank, while Kat continues to find Dylan’s actions very suspicious. She’s having a hard time hiding her feelings as well.

Here’s a complete synopsis and of “Home and Away” episodes for April 13 to 14, as per Back to the Bay:

Home and Away Spoilers ahead.

Episode 6403: April 13, 2016

Wedding tension between Ricky and Nate escalates. Olivia has trouble confessing a secret to Hunter. Evelyn confronts Tank with an unexpected outcome.

Episode 6404: April 14, 2016

A blast from the past causes Ricky to question whether she still wants to marry Nate. Olivia is devastated after some shocking news. Kat’s finding it harder to hide her doubts about Dylan.

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