Bonnie Sveen may be leaving “Home and Away” to star in a new drama on Channel Seven. Will this mean her character Ricky will die in the Summer Bay-set series?

The Tasmanian-born actress has confirmed that she is joining a new prime time drama alongside singer, Jessica Mauboy. “The Secret Daughter” will focus on the story of Billie, played by Mauboy, “a part-time country pub singer whose chance meeting with a wealthy city hotelier triggers a series of events that will change her life forever,” Yahoo! Australia explained.

Sveen will play the role of Layla, Billie’s best friend and back-up singer.

“I’m really happy to be joining the cast and working alongside such talented people like Jessica Mauboy. It’s an exciting time for me and I’m thrilled to be working on another production for Seven,” Bonnie revealed.

Seems like Jessica feels the same way toward the 27-year-old actress, sharing that she and Bonnie are already “best friends.”

“As soon as I saw one of her headshots come up during castings, I was like ‘hell yeah, I know her,’” the 26-year-old singer shared, quotes Daily Mail.

“Already, I’m glued to her, we are best friends and it’s amazing how that bond has aligned, how it fits with us in real life, on set and off it.”

As for Bonnie’s role on the hit drama “Home and Away”, rumors have been swirling that her character, Ricky Sharpe, will be killed off in the series. It was earlier reported that the actress was seen crying on the set of the show, hinting that it could be her last filming day on Summer Bay.

In a report by Woman’s Day, it confirmed that Sveen will indeed be leaving Home and Away this 2016 for her new TV show. Although it may still be a few months from now before fans will see the final episode of Ricky on the show.

Home and Away 2016 airs Monday to Thursday on Channel Seven.