Bonnie Sveen has confirmed that she will be leaving the SEVEN drama, “Home and Away”, for another TV series on the company. Now, it has been confirmed that her character Ricky will also be leaving the series soon.

Earlier reports have hinted that Sveen will be leaving Summer Bay, but now it has been confirmed that she will indeed be saying goodbye to her role of three years.

According to Back to the Bay, the 27-year-old actress has confirmed leaving “Home and Away 2016” to join, “The Secret Daughter.” Sveen will be joining singer Jessica Mauboy in the new SEVEN tv show as Layla, the backup singer of Mauboy’s character, Billie.

As for the “Home and Away” character, Ricky, it seems she will finally reconcile with former love, Brax.

With the return of Brax after faking his death, it seemed like Ricky will finally get back with him and leave Nate at Summer Bay. It did not happen then, but second time’s a charm. Back to the Bay noted that rumors reveal Ricky will be leaving “alongside Brax.”

Home and Away Spoilers Ahead.

This theory seems true as episode previews for next week reveal Ricky will have an unexpected guest — a blast from the past — that will make her question her upcoming wedding with Nate.

Monday’s episode reveals that Ricky will finally realize her true love, which could very well be Brax.  If the Braxton brother returns again, then fans can expect more drama between him, Ricky and Nate. It could also be the last time we’ll see Ricky and Nate together, before she leaves Summer Bay for good.

You can catch Bonnie Sveen in her final episodes on “Home and Away”, Monday to Thursday on SEVEN.

The new series, “The Secret Daughter”, will also air on SEVEN soon.