Chris still struggles to move on after Hannah’s death while Olivia continues to be Tabitha’s victim in the upcoming episodes of Home and Away 2016.

Chris (Johnny Ruffo) will be making some life-changing decisions this week.  Since Hannah’s (Cassie Howarth) death in a tragic carpark explosion, Chris has been devastated and is having a hard time moving on. He previously had a chance to finally go out on a date but he decided not to pursue her. Chris extremely felt guilty for kissing another woman.

He found some ways to express his longing for Hannah. He helped John (Shane Withington) write a love letter for Marilyn (Emily Symons). Marilyn thought it was Chris who sent the letter and confronted him. Eventually, John admitted that the love letter was from him.

Elsewhere, Olivia (Raechelle Banno) is still under Tabitha’s (Eliza Scanlen) mercy. She earlier found out she has a fake profile and Tabitha was able to turn the students against her. In school, everyone mocked Olivia.

Hunter (Scott Lee) will find some courage to finally ask Olivia out. However, she remains a virtual prisoner in her bedroom because of cyberbullying, which Tabitha orchestrated. Zac Macguire (Charlie Clausen) will eventually do something to stop the bullying at school.

Meanwhile, Duncan (Benedict Wall) confronts Caroline (Nicole Shostak) about messing with his relationship with Tori.

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Seven Network shared a sneak peek of the Sept. 21 episode where Caroline was seen trying to kiss Duncan, but he pulls away. Caroline then tells Tori to stay away from Duncan. She stresses that they have a son and Tori should give Duncan a chance to be with his family.

Duncan and Caroline broke up when she cheated on him. She came back to Summer Bay with their son to win back Duncan.

Home and Away 2016 airs Monday to Thursday at 7pm on Seven Network in Australia. In the UK, the show airs during weekdays at 1:15pm and 6pm on Channel 5.