Another tragedy in Home and Away 2016 is about to shock residents of Summer Bay once again, and this time, it has something to do with the Morgan family.

The dark past of the family continues to haunt them even after they transferred to a new town. The family secret has been revealed that they are under witness protection program. The Morgans – Justin, Mason, Brody and Tori – need to keep their heads down because someone is hunting them.

When Spike arrived in town looking for the Morgan family, several characters’ lives were put in danger. Now, more will be at stake when a plane crashes while its passengers are having fun during Tori’s (Penny McNamee) birthday trip.

In an interview with The Courier Mail, McNamee revealed she was worried about how Home and Away audience would take her character. She said: “I did think about the backlash if any characters died on my watch. It was a lot of pressure. These are well-loved characters and I didn’t want Tori to be the hated doctor. I was worried.” McNamee’s character was first introduced in the show during the aftermath of the shocking caravan park explosion. Now, Tori will be the center of yet another tragedy in Summer Bay.

In the upcoming episodes, Tori’s love interest in the show, Duncan Stewart, will organize a surprise birthday present for Tori – a trip on a private jet to a winery. Home and Away 2016 released a new trailer for the Crash Landing episode, which teases that not everyone on the plane will return alive.

In the first part of the teaser, Spike was seen inciting fear in Justin Morgan. He tells Justin: “I hope Tori has a parachute.” Spike earlier threatened Justin’s friends’ and family’s lives when he failed to find a book he thinks Justin has. Justin will try to stop the flight, but he is too late and the plane has already taken off. The promo then showed the aircraft crashing before it was engulfed by flames.

Watch the trailer below.

Aside from Tori, her brothers Mason (Orpheus Pledger) and Brody (Jackson Heywood) also join the trip along with Nate, Leah, Irene, Billie and Evie. Who will die in this tragedy?

These scenes will air this week in Seven Network in Australia. However, UK residents will have to wait for these scenes a little longer. The plane crash episode will air in the UK on September 23 on Channel 5.

Home and Away 2016 in Australia will return from its two-week break on August 22.