Ricky and Nate are headed down the aisle on “Home and Away 2016”, but it seems Brax return to Summer Bay will ruin their wedding.

The young couple are definitely in love, and seemed ready to get married. However, someone from Ricky’s past will haunt her and make her think twice about the marriage. A text from Brax will leave her second guessing wedding with the doctor. Will it finally be happily ever after for the two?

“After Ricky receives a text from Brax wishing her the best on her wedding day, it definitely stirs up old emotions and plays on her mind,” Bonnie Sveen, who plays Ricky, told New Idea.

“There was a stage in her life when she thought it was going to be Brax forever. When she’s reminded of him, it sends her into a bad place and makes her second guess her decision.”

It doesn’t get better for Nate as well.

Seeing how Ricky has been acting days before their wedding, and seemingly having cold feet, Nate will be left alone in the altar on their big day. But it’s not what everyone thinks — while Nate breaks the news to the guests that the wedding is off, Ricky is actually just running late after the car he’s riding with Kyle breaks down.

“When the wedding day rolls around, he is a bit anxious and hoping it all plays out the way he wants,” Kyle Prior, who plays Nate, told TV WEEK as quoted by Daily Spy.

“As time rolls on, he starts to worry that she might not turn up. It takes a fairly extreme situation to rock Nate. Matters of the heart have the ability to shake him.”

Ricky will feel like the incident is a sign that Brax is the right man for he. Will she make it to her own wedding? Or will she runaway with Brax?

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