Home and Away 2016 will return on Monday with more tragedy and drama including the arrival of a baby.

Actress Lynne McGranger was spotted filming a scene in which she was seen running away from man while she carries a baby in her arms. McGranger, who plays the role of Irene Roberts, was seen filming outside the Barrenjoey Boathouse in Palm Beach recently.

Whose baby was Irene carrying? Who is the man chasing her?

Speculations have it that the baby could be Billie’s. A few months ago, some wedding ceremony photos of Billie Ashford (Tessa de Josselin) and VJ Patterson (Matt Little) were shared online. In the photos, Billie was seen very much pregnant.

Billie recently told VJ that he is the father of her baby, when in fact she was raped in the gym. It was later revealed that Billie was assaulted by Irene’s long-lost son Mick Jennings (Kristian Schmid). She was able to identify Mick as the one who assaulted her by his distinctive tattoo. She was in hospital after Irene was kidnapped by Mick when Billie saw his tattoo.

The Irene and the baby scene may have a connection with the scene Kat Chapman’s (Pia Miller) was recently seen filming. The police officer was spotted chasing a man believed to be Irene’s stalker before she tackled him to the ground. Kat was seen filming in Palm Beach.

All these scenes have proven that Irene will survive the plane crash. If the baby Irene is carrying is Billie’s child, she may have survived the tragedy as well.

Home and Away 2016  left fans with a plane crash cliffhanger prior to the show’s two-week break. Network Seven has teased that not everyone on board would be lucky to go home alive. Among those on board are the Morgan siblings – Tori, Mason and Brody. Nate, Leah, Irene, Billie and Evie also joined Tori’s birthday flight.

Back to the Bay wrote CO2 will leak and fill the plane cabin before the passengers pass out and the plane crashes. Residents of Summer Bay will learn about the crash.

Don’t miss Home and Away 2016 when it returns on August 22 on Network Seven in Australia.