Hollywood has decided to make a movie based on the life of Australian killer Katherine Knight. She is one of the most infamous killers in Australia’s history, who killed her boyfriend, John Price, and boiled his head to serve his children.

In 2000, Knight had been arrested before she could serve Price to the children. She reportedly stabbed him 37 times and skinned him entirely. Police found the “skin suit” hanging from a meat hook.

Shoreline Entertainment from Hollywood is going to collaborate with Australian producer Dane Millerd and screenwriter Ross Murray for the project, Mail Online reported. The movie is based on Australian journalist and author Peter Lalor’s book on the crime, “Blood Stain.”

Knight was later found to have carried out vicious acts of revenge against her previous partners. She started working at a local abattoir and was soon promoted to boning. She met her first husband, David Kellett, at the abattoir.

What Hollywood Should Know

Knight allegedly tried killing Kellett on their wedding night.

She put her baby daughter on a railway track and went into town to threaten people with a stolen axe.

She slashed a woman’s face with a boning knife.

Knight cut the throat of a two-month-old puppy in front of her second husband, David Sanders, to show what she could do to him if he tried to be unfaithful to her.

She decorated her house with horns, skulls and cow skins.

She stabbed Sanders with a pair of scissors.

Price was the fourth man in her life, as she had a relation with another man after Sanders had left him.

Struggling in a violent marriage, Price threw Knight out of the house on February 29, 2000. He told his colleagues if he got absent from work, it would be because Knight killed him.

That night, Knight and Price had sex. While he was asleep, she attacked him. Later in the morning, she skinned him and cooked his body parts.