There has been a claim that Prince’s half-brother was Haywood Nelson, an actor best known for his role on the television show “What’s Happening.”

The legendary musician died on April 21 and all kinds of rumours regarding his life and career immediately erupted after his death. These rumours started getting circulated around the internet.

Most of these rumors were simply made up out of nothing. There have been rumours such as Prince’s documented involvement with bringing Michael Jordan to Nike and his alleged commitment to the Republican party.

However, the claim that Haywood Nelson and Prince were half-brothers appeared to have originated from actual confusion, says Snopes.

According to a viral meme, claims were made that the musician and actor Haywood Nelson were half-brothers. However, that misinformation was based on a misunderstanding.

The internet is filled with information related to Prince moments after his death. A website called published an article called, “Prince Family: 5 Facts You Need to Know.”

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In this article, all the eight siblings of Prince have been named. He had one full-blooded sister, two half-brothers and three-half sisters.

Half-brother Duane Nelson was his head of security and he died when he was only 52. Lorna Nelson, his half-sister, died when she was only 63, in 2006.

On his mother’s side, Prince also has two lesser-known half-brothers. Omarr Baker and Alfred Jackson were born to his mom – Mattie Della Baker.

The name of the character Haywood Nelson played on the show “What’s Happening,” is “Duane.” While Haywood Nelson is not among the above names, he did have a brother named Duane Nelson.

The only difference is that it was the name of the character was spelled “Dwayne.”

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However, there is no possibility that Duane Nelson and Dwayne Nelson could be the same person. This is because Dwayne Nelson is a fictional character, and Prince’s half-brother Duane passed away in 2013. Haywood Nelson, the actor who played Dwayne Nelson, is still alive.