A  soccer coach’s wife brought an 8-year-old to her husband and watched while her husband raped the girl twenty years ago. The girl got infected with HIV after the sexual assault, reported Australian Royal Commission.

The girl believed that she was contracted HIV through the sexual assault. She told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that in 1996 her mother signed her into a soccer club in southern Sydney. She informed that she had an unhappy childhood because her father left them and her mother drank, reported SBS.

The most shocking revelation made by the girl was that the soccer coach’s wife used to be in the same room while he raped her. The girl’s mother used to gladly let the coach and his wife babysit her and she would stay with them in occasions.

She also described to the royal commission how the  soccer coach’s wife, who was also her mother’s friend, took her to the bedroom and stay in the room while she was raped.

The girl said, “I would see her watching and when I would look at her she would look away.”

She added, “she would either be laying on the bed or somewhere in the room. His wife would say to me ‘it’s ok’ and ‘it’s alright’.”

The girl remembered that she used to cry and asked the man to get off her as he was heavy but her pleas would go unanswered, reported Mail Online.

When the girl was 11 she revealed the assault and rape to a school friend. When the school found out they inform NSW Department of Community Services (DoCS). At 13, she provided evidence in court but the coach was acquitted. He was only sentenced to 5 years in 2003 as he pleaded guilty to multiple counts of abusing  other children.

The girl also stated that when she was 13 she got ill and at 15 she was diagnosed with HIV. The rape victim further stated that she believed that she contracted HIV from the coach. Her application for victim’s compensation was twice rejected.

Although the coach’s application to referee for the 2003-2004 season was not accepted by Football NSW, he continued to referee without authorisation.

The commission is holding a two-week hearing into sports clubs and institutions and would investigate allegations against other coaches.

A few months back a royal commission heard the case of a Melbourne priest who asked a 10-year-old to sit on his lap and asked her if she loved him while sexually assaulting her during confession. The royal commission , later, revealed that 454 people had made child abuse claims against 188 offenders.