Within 24 hours of her appointment as acting chief constable in the South Yorkshire Police Force in the wake of Hillsborough disaster, Dawn Copley has offered to resign. This is due to an investigation already going on over her conduct with another police force.

Following the suspension of former Chief Constable David Crompton from the post, she was named the next chief constable on Wednesday to take charge of the South Yorkshire police force. However, on Thursday, the force’s Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Billings said that Copley will be stepping down from the post within the coming days.

The Telegraph UK reported the South Yorkshire Police force releasing a statement where Billings said that the acting chief constable was involved in an investigation for alleged misconduct when she was given the appointment. He claimed that the decision has been taken on the basis of her request to step down. “I would like to make clear that Copley fully declared the details of allegations into her conduct when she applied for the post of Deputy Chief Constable here at South Yorkshire Police,” he said.

“As this matter has not yet been concluded I am unable to comment publicly on the allegations and the outcome but as soon as I am able, I will do so. In the meantime, Copley has my full support. However, Copley has made clear to me that she does not want any further negative publicity or criticism to be levelled at the force.”

Billings added that Copley needs to stay as the temporary chief constable for the force to see to the pressing matters in the shortest possible time. This was a personal request.

The suspension of Crompton was due to the Hillsborough disaster inquest findings. The inquest discovered the then-chief constable’s inability to handle the crowd properly which led to the loss of the lives of 96 football fans at the Hillsborough stadium. According to News Talk, Crompton was suspended six months prior to his retirement because of his selfishness to save himself rather than protecting masses during the disaster in 1989.