Hillary Rodham Clinton together with former United States President Bill Clinton have undoubtedly reached their political limelight. They consider their being part of the country’s political circle a family business. For the both of them, there is no difference between political and business affairs because being able to serve the government office gives them the chance to open their connections with people.

Through the years of service, including those prior to their political positions,  they were able to maximize their public speaking skills by engaging in public talks. On top of making elite connections and attending exclusive engagements, they have also managed to generate a lucrative income out of these.

Hillary was a lawyer even before Bill went into becoming the POTUS. She was paid $153, 866 AUD in 1991 for all of the legal services she has attended to. Bill, on the other hand, was working for the Government of Arkanas and was receiving a much lower pay.

When Bill’s presidential term ended, the two decided to exchange roles. Former President Clinton hit the speaking engagement career with an aim of encouraging people all over the world. Hillary successfully won the  senatorial position and was seated at the congress from 2000 to 2006.

While still in the Senate, Hillary was able gather $8million for her first published book, “The Living History.” After her senatorial term, Hillary ran for a presidential position but unfortunately lost to current president Barack Obama. However, she was elected as the Secretary of the State with a pay of $ 260174.43 AUD.

Hillary learned from Bill that it is important to keep track of daily activities, especially their expenses. In 2013, Hillary also entered the speaking industry, where she delivered almost 36 speeches at $314727. 13 AUD per speech, Fortune reported. With the speaking engagements alone, Hillary has accumulated $11.8 million AUD. On the same year, Bill also gathered a total of $14.2 million AUD for 34 speeches.

The Clintons’ political income made the couple acquire a beautiful home in New York, which reportedly amounts to $2.5 million AUD, Zillow reported.