The vice president works hand in hand with the president of the United States. With the paths of Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton clearing towards becoming the presumptive nominees for the US presidential elections 2016, the hunt for their vice presidents has also started.

Where the presumptive Republican nominee has already started vetting for a suitable VP for the country, Clinton too is not far behind. She has begun shortlisting people whom she thinks will be the best choice for the United States Senate. The Clintonworld consists of various men and women who are eligible for the position.

Here is the list of VPs from which Clinton will choose from.

Clinton’s VP Choice 1: Elizabeth Warren

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Ann Warren is the very first name on the list of VPs for Clinton. She is an academic expert and politician of the United States and worked as a professor of Bankruptcy Law at Harvard Law School. She has been in the news for the past few weeks because of her cold arguments with Trump on Twitter. One of Clinton’s advisors indicated her strong hold on the VP position, saying there are “very influential people in the campaign pushing for her.”

Clinton’s VP Choice 2: Tim Kaine

Virginia Senator Timothy Michael “Tim” Kaine is the next on the possible VP list. He is a former governor who was elected to the Senate in 2012. According to The Hill, he is the favourite VP candidate of Clinton insiders. He is being considered as the one who can assist Clinton govern Virginia, which is a state where Republicans always win. Kaine’s association with the business community is also expected to benefit the Democrats. During President Barack Obama’s win in 2008, Kaine ranked quite high on the list of VPs and is still one of the most liked candidates. 

Clinton’s VP Choice 3: Julian Castro

Clintonworld’s next choice for VP is Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro. He has been holding this position since July 2014. Castro started participating in the US elections 2016 even before the primaries commenced. According to NPR, he is being considered as the one who can bring Hispanic votes and support for Clinton.

Clinton’s VP Choice 4: Sherrod Brown

Being an Ohio senator, Sherrod Brown has major chances to become the VP this year. Ohio is a swing-state where Trump has maximum chances of winning. Picking Brown as the vice president would be advantageous for Clinton in every manner.

Clinton’s VP Choice 5: Thomas E. Parez

Labor Secretary Thomas E. Parez is the White House favourite. He maintains a strong bond with Obama’s Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, who may act as an added advantage for him. His fluency in Spanish will possibly shift Latinos to Clinton’s court.

Besides the mentioned choices for VP, there are other names that are in the focus these days including New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, Minnesota Senator Al Franken, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, among others.

It will be interesting to see whom Hillary Clinton chooses as the vice president if she becomes the head of the United States.