With the US presidential elections 2016 nearing the political scenario, Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton seems to face new attacks every day.

The latest of all is the cancellation of the fundraising event in North Carolina. The reports have suggested that the reason behind postponing the event was the deteriorating health condition of the presidential candidate. It has been speculated that the improper eye movement led Clinton to cancel the event. Lets find out if it is really true.

The speculation has come following a Youtube video uploaded by a user who compared the eye movement of Clinton to that of a lizard. He claimed that the Democrat has started exhibiting “exhibit bizarre eye movement and strabismus (crossed eyes) during her speech in Philadelphia yesterday before unexpectedly canceling today’s scheduled events.”

Republican US presidential nominee Donald Trump, in his latest election rally, did not miss the opportunity to take a jab at his rival’s “postponement” of the fundraising event. North Caroline is one of the most important states as far as the US elections are concerned. In that situation, missing a chance to interact or address the people over there might turn out to be a great blunder for the Democrats.

Elon University conducted a poll recently, according to which Trump and Clinton are giving a tough competition to each other in the elections. Where Trump seems to be the perfect choice for the rich, white people and male population, Clinton looks like a representative of poor, minorities and women population.

“This election is so tight right now, that small swings of a few points should be expected between now and November,” the university’s Political Science Assistant Professor Jason Husser said as quoted by Zero Hedge.

“North Carolina has been extremely important over the last several election cycles with very tight election outcomes. These numbers suggest that will continue to be the case, and both campaigns would do well to continue to focus on the Old North State.”