With the United States presidential election 2016 approaching, another speculation has hit the political stage wherein an alleged lesbian relationship between Republican presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin has been reported.

The White House race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is touching the indecency limit with DNA tests, murder, Clinton death and more. No stones are unturned to make sure the desirable candidate wins. Controversy has never left Clinton, but has moved along with the presidential candidate at every stage of the campaign.

The report of the alleged lesbian affair of Clinton with Abedin has come following the former’s collapse this weekend while she was at a 9/11 memorial event. The health of the presidential nominee has come into question since then. With the increasing number of allegations and people’s attempt to find the truth behind them, Trump supporters were given a chance to use the reports against their leader’s rival.

The Clinton-Abedin bonding has sparked buried questions on Muslin brotherhood of the presidential nominee’s aide. Republican politicians have always given negative reactions on Islamic bonding. In such a scenario, the Clinton-Abedin relationship as speculated becomes a very big issue among the Republicans.

Back in 2012, then-US Republican Michele Bachmann wrote a letter to the deputy inspector general of the State Department. In the letter, Bachmann called for an investigation regarding the links of Abedin’s family members, including her late father and mother, to “Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations.” That was the period when Clinton was the State Secretary while Abedin was her Deputy Chief of Staff.

The illness of Clinton gave yet another point to Trump who has now started claiming the Republican nominee does not have the “stamina” to become a head of the state, the Mirror reported.

The rumors are very common and usual, and they are expected to be fueled more in the coming days with US presidential elections 2016 being around the corner. The elections are scheduled on November 8.

It’s time to decide who to vote for to achieve a better and peaceful future for America.