Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was always clear about her husband and former US President Bill Clinton’s role if she manages to make it to the White House. On Sunday, she shed some more light on her plans for her husband.

“My husband … I’m going to put in charge of revitalising the economy because you know, he knows how to do it,” the Washington Post quoted her as telling supporters in Northern Kentucky. “And especially in places like coal country and inner cities and other parts of our country that have been really left out.” Hillary often noted the increase in median household income and the creation of job during her husband’s presidency.

“When my husband was president, incomes rose for everybody,” she said on Sunday in Louisville.

During her husband’s presidency, the US economy saw the addition of more than 22 million jobs. The number is more than what the four most recent Republican presidents could create in their combined 22-year tenure.

CNN Money reported that in the year 2000, Bill’s final year as the US president, more Americans had jobs since the record-keeping began after the World War II.

When asked whether she wanted Bill Clinton to be a part of her cabinet, she replied with a “no.” However, on an earlier occasion, she told the crowd while entering the Little Castle dinner that Bill will be working in her administration.

“I want to help bring back the kind of economy that worked for everyone in the 1990’s,” Hillary said. “I said yesterday in Covington, I’ve already told my husband, if I’m so fortunate enough to be president and he’s the first gentleman, I expect him to go to work … and get incomes rising.”

Nick Merrill, the press secretary of Hillary’s campaigns, said that her comments do not indicate any specific post for her husband in the administration.

“It would be getting ahead of ourselves to talk about any sort of formalised role for anyone in her administration,” he said. “I think that her point has been time and again that he has a lot to offer and it would be foolish not to use that in some capacity. It has not gone any further than that.”