Hillary Clinton is back with a brutal anti-Trump ad. She has released a web video criticising Trump. Since Ted Cruz and John Kasich are out of the US presidential race, Trump has become the tentative Republican presidential nominee and Clinton wasted no time to attack him.

However, in the ad Clinton has not said anything about Trump, instead, the ad compiles negative comments passed by Trump’s fellow republicans during the party’s nomination campaign, reported Mother Jones.

The video clip starts with Trump proclaiming himself as a “unifier”. Then it moves to several other Republicans stating something totally contrary to Trump’s claim. It features Republican Mitt Romney who calls Trump a “phony”. Marco Rubbio comments that Trump is “the most vulgar person ever to aspire the presidency.”

The clip features Lindsey Graham, who endorsed Ted Cruz, calling Trump a “race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot.” Graham also said that Donald Trump “needs therapy.”

Kali Holloway, a senior writer and the associate editor of media and culture at AlterNet said, “Hillary Clinton’s team, recognizing the golden potential of the insults that fellow Republicans have hurled at Trump over the last few months, has collected some of the very best into a blistering campaign ad.”

“When the mucky-mucks in your opponent’s party repeatedly call him unfit to govern, it’s good to let them speak for themselves,” Kali added.

According to CNN, a new poll revealed that Trump had started his general election campaign well behind Clinton. The poll which was completed ahead of Trump’s victory last night showed that voters trusted Clinton more than Trump in many issues regarded as critically important.  Clinton is more trusted on issues like terrorism, immigration, healthcare, the income gap, foreign policy, education and climate change than her Republican rival.

Moreover, despite the fact that Clinton lost in Indiana to her primary rival Bernie Senders, she has a broad lead among delegates. To what extent the new anti-Trump ad  will help Clinton is a matter of speculation.