The ruling capitalist class is supporting Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump presidency, even though they helped to create this “Frankenstein.”

Most of the capitalist class prefers Clinton over Trump, just as most of them looked forward to Obama over either McCain or Romney. However, this time, it has been indicated that they prefer Clinton even more than they did Obama.

But while asking who is the lesser evil, fingers would tend to point towards Trump. This is because of what the Republicans are offering,  which obviously falls decidedly short of the Democrats’ offerings.

According to Empire Watch, he is too divisive and too aggressive in certain policy areas. He has the tendency to antagonize minorities and the poor.

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This is supposed to stir unrest, which the ruling class never wants and can live without.

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The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd looked at American politics as an eternal battle between macho men, unmanly boys and masculine girls.

According to her, Clinton may be hawkish but he is a “bloodthirsty, prehistoric bird of prey.” In case of wars, he wants to “send messages.”

However, they aren’t messages of peace, says Salon.

But amid all the Trump madness, a section of the ruling class believes that Clinton is not the “lesser evil,” but very much “more evil.” This section is concerned about the minorities and the poor.

Clinton has  made it clear that she wants to hold on to Obama’s policies. But when it comes to wars, she wants more of them, not less.

The majority of ruling class just wants someone to perform his or her duties as the biggest defender of big capitalists’ interests. And that’s what Clinton, as opposed to Trump, offers: she can make the rich richer without creating unrest.

Few of her colleagues in the Obama Administration surprisingly believes that she isn’t less evil. They had to tell her to calm down when she was agitated and impatient while pushing Obama to bomb Syria.

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The Guardian said that a political revolution is possible if the right candidate gets into the White House. However, a political revolution initiated by a major party president is not a political revolution.