Hillary Clinton is in for a good fight for the US presidential race. She said foreign leaders are rushing to her side to help her defeat Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, but she seems to have declined the offers.

Clinton appeared at a televised town hall hosted by CNN in Columbus, Ohio on Monday to campaign in the state ahead of the Tuesday primary.

The former Secretary of State told AP via The Washington Post said she’s been receiving private messages of support from global leaders. She said they are asking to endorse her.

“I believe that I will have an opportunity to really focus in on how dangerous a Donald Trump presidency would be for our standing, for our safety and for the peace of the world,” she says.

Clinton takes pride in her brand of leadership that, she says, will offer “a powerful contrast with Trump” in the general election, she told the town hall.

While Clinton was in Ohio, The Washington Post reports that Trump spends a “boisterous but peaceful rally” in Boca Raton, Florida.

CBS reports that the businessman-turned-politician keeps his lead in Florida at 44 percent. His opponents, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, got 24 percent  and 21 percent, respectively.

Trump has constantly been under fire for his controversial comments on immigration, Muslims, foreign affairs, other Republicans, the media, deflategate and even Democratic candidate Clinton, while he rallies for his campaign dubbed “Make America Great Again.”

The supporters Clinton are referring to remain unnamed. She chose not to, especially when she implied she wouldn’t jump at the offers and told them the election must be decided by Americans.

In a report by the Weekly Standard, the Democratic presidential candidate was pressed to name the leaders. But Clinton would only name the Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi.