Reuters has released images of the US presidential debate 2016 held on Monday night where Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton appears to have been wired for the event.

Since the US presidential election battle between Clinton and Republic nominee Donald Trump started, the former is always in the news for cheating. Whether it is her sexual preferences or DNA testing or her health, she is accused of misleading the public. The latest is her use of a communication device during the US presidential debate 2016 held on Monday night.

The debate was held between Clinton and Trump. Some Americans are saying she might have worn a battery pack, a microphone, a wire and an earpiece. The reports have suggested that the Democrat candidate had a skin-colored earpiece in her left ear.

This was not the first time that Clinton has been accused of cheating on the US public. A similar incident was recorded in August when she was found wearing a listening device during a presidential forum.  “During the Commander-in-Chief forum held in New York City on Sept. 7, close-up photos of Hillary Clinton’s left ear showed she had some sort of earpiece in it, prompting concerns she was receiving on-the-fly coaching from her campaign team while taking questions,” a media report stated.

“Now a Reuters photo of Clinton [from Monday night] shows she may have had the same type of device in her ear again … during the first presidential debate with Donald Trump. Was she getting instructions from her campaign team while she was engaged in the debate?”

Charisma News reported that there were three possible reasons for Clinton wearing a wired device during the US presidential debate 2016. First, the device could be a hearing equipment to help the nominee listen properly. As far as loss of hearing or dulled hearing because of age is concerned, she has not yet attained that age where she would need a device as a hearing aid.

Second, the device could be an “inductive earpiece”. Third, the device is speculated to be an equipment that is generally used by stage actors to match up to the dialogues in case they missed lines during their performances.