The recent health scare of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton might be far from over as it now fueled a bizarre conspiracy theory.

Hillary Clinton left the September 11 memorial event early. An official statement from her personal doctor revealed her to be dehydrated and overheated, hence the decision to bring her to her daughter’s apartment to rest and recover. The  incident also revealed her earlier diagnosis of pneumonia. However, her doctor assured she is already under treatment.

Therefore, it would seem everything is under control in the Clinton camp. Her husband Bill gave his assurance as well. He pointed out her years in public office demanded much of her time and energy. He even seemed grateful for her recent decision to rest, even for a day.

“She had two and a half hard days before the day  she got dizzy. Today she made a decision, which I think is correct, to cancel her campaign day and take one more day to rest,” Hollywood Life quoted the former President. CBS’s Charlie Rose interviewed Bill Clinton about his wife’s condition.

Yet Trump fans did not buy it. In fact, they came up with a conspiracy theory about it. It might even become an urban legend attached to the 2016 US Elections. His followers alluded a body double took her place after her 9/11 fainting spell. The idea sounds like the Kevin Kline 1993 movie Dave. As mentioned, the Democratic presidential nominee headed to Chelsea’s New York City home to rest.

Her reappearance into the public eye sparked debate among netizens who seemed certain it was not her. Hence, the trending hashtag #HillarysBodyDouble. Their tweets raised a number of inconsistencies between her and the alleged body double. One, she looked thinner than when she first went in. Two, she walked the streets without the secret service. Three, her index finger now looks longer than her ring finger. Four, she had a nose job while resting.

According to Buzzfeed, known Hillary Clinton impersonator Teresa Lilly Barnwell assured it was not her. Moreover, skeptics who did not buy the conspiracy theory shared their thoughts.

Are you also shaking your head at the Hillary Clinton Body Double conspiracy theory?