While Donald Trump has been trying to pull down Hilary Clinton, political scientists are doubting the Republican nominee’s success.

Here are five reasons why Clinton can be the best weapon to defeat the real estate mogul.

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The Numbers


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According to polls compiled by RealClearPolitics, Clinton can beat Trump in head-to-head polling with 47 per cent to 41 per cent. This is a tally that brings together a lot of undecided voters.

there has been a number of recent polls giving her a double-digit lead over Trump. The broad agreement in the polling favours Clinton heavily.

The Branding

Is this what we want for a President?

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The Republican front-runner has branding his Republican contenders as Little Marco Rubio, Lyin’ Ted Cruz and Low Energy Jeb Bush. He has already been trying to add the descriptive “Crooked” to Clinton’s first name.

But according to Timothy Calkins, this may not work on Clinton, although it has on others.

Calkins is a clinical professor of marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He said that it is hard to alter perceptions by branding, when people have already gone through with their choices.

The Suggestions

Although said on a funny tone, TV host Stephen Colbert served tips to Clinton, which would help her to fetch votes from Republican supporters. These tips are:

  • She must remind Republicans that no one has been more furious with Bill Clinton than lady Clinton herself.
  • She must not yell as voters will say that she sounds shrill. Sh must not be too calm as they’ll say she is an ice queen. She must be herself.
  • She should say things that would make her more relatable to Republicans, for example, “I don’t like Ted Cruz.”
  • She must start saying all the mean things she said about Barack Obama when she was running against him in 2008.

The Money

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“I don’t need anybody’s money……I am rich.” Trump said.

But as he is progressing from the primaries to the general election, the mogul may be facing a serious money problem. According to The Week, the simple reason is that the general election will take place on far different scale than the primaries.

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Clinton has already spent $200 million, a lot of it was an investment that she can draw on in the general election. In fact, Clinton has almost $30 million still in the bank as well as fundraising networks.

The Experience


Clinton stands steady to the political battles as she’s experienced and can succeed where Rubio, Cruz and Bush failed.

She has the political acumen to work up to the race against Trump, says Huffington Post.