Former women’s number one Belgian tennis player Kim Clijsters was playing a friendly Ladies’ Invitation Doubles Match at Wimbledon on Saturday along with her doubles partner Rennae Stubbs when she decided to shake things and bring levity to the match. Turning to the crowd, she asked whether she should serve down or wide the middle against opponents Conchita Martinez and Andrea Jaeger.

One person shouted above the rest, “body serve.”

The tennis player, in a completely out of the blue move, invited the man to the court and served him on the ‘BODY.’ Much to the crowd’s delight the fan, now identified as Chris Quinn, gladly hopped the fence and borrowed a tennis racket.

But Clijsters wasn’t done yet. Per Yahoo, she made sure that the pure white Wimbledon tradition stays and made him wear one of her skirts. It was all in good humor as the tennis pro ended up rolling on the floor laughing as the Irishman somehow managed to squeeze into the small skirt. And he did not disappoint, returning the first serve. Although he ultimately ran out of luck in the next two.

Clijsters and Stubbs beat Jaeger and Martinez 6-2, 7-5.

Quinn, who has instantly become internet famous, tweeted out that his three daughters now think he is a hero for sharing the court with Clijsters to which the athlete replied: “You were awesome! Nice meeting you Chris! :-)”

The lucky man, who also happens to be the head of Greystones Lawn Tennis Club, is now going to auction off Kim Clijsters’ skirt for the Gavin Glynn Foundation, an Irish charity which helps sick children who have to travel abroad for treatment.

The video clip of the hilarious act by the tennis champion has already garnered more than 3 million views in Wimbledon’s official YouTube channel. Check it out below:

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