What happens when you miss the only reunion of an iconic movie? Zac Efron might be able to tell us about that. The star of Disney’s “High School Musical” now has to face the wrath of his fans for his no-show at the 10th anniversary special.

“High School Musical” is supposedly a milestone in the actor’s career yet the actor gave the reunion a miss. According to nydailynews, fans have taken to social media to vent their thoughts. A fan tweeted that “Zayn (Malik) leaving One Direction is nothing compared to Zac Efron not being at the HSM reunion.” Another fan compared him to Matthew Perry who will also be skipping the Friends reunion. She tweeted “Matthew Perry is ruining the Friends reunion & Zac Efron is ruining the HSM reunion. They’re the same person:(” Another fan wondered if the two of them are filming a sequel for “17 Again” given that they both missed their reunions.



However, Bustle.com reports that the actor is already tied up with his commitments around the time of filming of the reunion. Apparently, he is neck-deep in finishing off his current assignments which include filming either for “Dirty Grandpa,” “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising,” and “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.” All these are in post-production and are to be released this year.

Additionally, the website reports that he is also filming for “The Disaster Artist” and has to schedule time for press tours and premieres. Efron’s supporters believe that given his busy schedule, he’d be super human if he managed to squeeze in time for the “High School Musical” reunion. Unfortunately, he is not. According to Bustle, the fact that he made the time to pre-record something for the special really shows his love and commitment for the film that gave him the start of his career and his cast with whom he is still in touch.

We only hope his fans are listening.