The Nickelodeon animated series “Hey Arnold!” reunites the original voice actors in a new television movie.

“Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie” is set to premiere in 2017 with creator Craig Bartlett at the helm as writer and executive producer, Entertainment Weekly revealed. The two-hour TV film takes off where the show ended in 2004 and will hopefully shed light on certain issues left unanswered like the whereabouts of Arnold’s parents. The green light for the movie coincides with the “25th-anniversary celebration of original creator-driven animation” at Nickelodeon, Coming Soon.Net revealed.

The cast includes 19 of the original voice actors who worked on the show throughout its eight-year run, Variety reported. New actors were also hired to give life to the kid characters of the cartoon, the publication noted. Chris Viscardi, SVP of content development at Nickelodeon Franchise Properties, hailed the importance of the voice cast to the success of “Hey Arnold!”

“We’re incredibly fortunate to work with these talented voice actors who brought to life one of the most celebrated cartoons in Nickelodeon’s history,” Viscardi said. “The voice cast is an essential piece to the ‘Hey Arnold’ universe and we’re excited for a new generation of fans to hear these characters in a new TV movie,” Viscardi added.

The original voice actors who voiced Arnold’s gang include Francesca Marie Smith (Helga), Anndi McAfee (Phoebe), Justin Shenkarow (Harold), and Olivia Hack (Rhonda). Fans can also expect the voice actors of the grownups who are Dan Butler (Mr. Simmons), Dan Castellaneta (Grandpa), Tress MacNeille (Grandma), Maurice LaMarche (Bob Pataki), Danielle Judovits (Big Patty), Danny Cooksey (Stoop Kid), Jim Belushi (Coach Wittenberg), and “Hey Arnold!” creator Craig Bartlett (Miles).

Meanwhile, the new voice cast will be Mason Vale Cotton (Arnold), Benjamin “L’il P-Nut” Flores Jr. (Gerald), Gavin Lewis (Eugene), Jet Jurgensmeyer (Stinky), Aiden Lewandowski (Sid), Laya Hayes (Nadine), Nicolas Cantu (Curly), Wally Wingert (Oskar), and Stephen Stanton (Pigeon Man).

The new story merits the participation of an actor who would do justice to the latest villain to cross Arnold’s path. Actor Alfred Molina gives life to “Lasombra, an infamous river pirate operating from a secret compound in the jungles of San Lorenzo,” Comic Book wrote.

Fans would still get to hear the original voices of Arnold (Lane Toran) and Gerald (Jamil Smith) although they’ll be playing other characters, the publication noted. The production has yet to disclose their identities in the “Hey Arnold!: Jungle Movie.”

Lane Toran maintains a huge fan base owing to his super hot image, the Mirror remarked. He also lent his voice to characters in Disney’s “Recess” movies and on another Nickelodeon cartoon “Rocket Power,” Daily Mail revealed. To date, the 33-year-old lives in Los Angeles as an actor and composer.