Experts found out why mothers generally prefer holding their babies on their left side. It turns out that this position allows the mother to bond with their babies more. Women do not notice this phenomenon consciously but other research have attempted to explain why this happens. Based on previous studies, mothers hold their babies this way because maybe it is closer to the mother’s heart, left breast sensitivity and other socio-psychological reasons. However, a new study has finally given us the real reason why. According to Kidspot;

  1. Physical touch on the left side of the body is matched with a response in the right side of the brain.
  2. This relationship between one side of the body and its opposing side of the brain is called lateralization.
  3. The right side of the brain is the side responsible for language and interpreting emotional signals, amongst other things.
  4. Therefore, when a baby is held on the left, the mother better able to interpret its physical and emotional cues.

“The position of an infant on the mother’s left side may optimize maternal monitoring, by directing sensory information predominantly to the mother’s right hemisphere,” say the research authors in their study, which is now published in Nature Ecology and Evolution journal.

Favoring their left side is not limited to mothers. Studies have shown that around 70 to 85 percent of women and girls, including preschool-age girls, hold babies or dolls to the left side of their bodies.

However, carrying things to one’s left side is not matched in males. Fathers may hold their babies on the left but those who are not fathers are less likely to carry things this way.

Interestingly, the same bias can be observed in nature. Apparently, many mammals also prefer to carry their young on their left side. Animals such as whales, wild horses, reindeer, walruses and kangaroos keep their babies on their left side and their offspring also prefer to position themselves on their mother’s left side as well.