Hell’s Kitchen Season 16 reunites Chef Gordon Ramsay with another batch of hopefuls willing to take on the challenge and his fury.

Chef Gordon Ramsay has a reputation for perfection. Hence, he demands nothing less than the best from anyone who dares to step into Hell’s Kitchen Season 16. No doubt, MasterChef Season 7 winner Shaun O’Neale is well aware of his standards. The Las Vegas DJ bested fellow finalists David Williams and Brandi Mudd to snatch the title. As expected, his victory was not easy given the lineup of judges he and the rest had to impress.

Meanwhile, recent rumors suggested the celebrity chef has plans to leave MasterChef US after Season 7. It is speculated that he would follow the footsteps of Graham Elliot who recently left the show. However, the production or Ramsay has yet to confirm this. Nevertheless, fans would not miss him for long.

This time around, Chef Gordon Ramsay will put 18 chefs in the pressure cooker to see who among them can withstand the heat of Hell’s Kitchen. Reality TV fans know all too well his intensity, so they can expect no less from him this 16th season. This year’s batch of hopefuls have varied culinary backgrounds. Yet everyone has their eye on the head chef position at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar situated at The Venetian in Las Vegas.

Meet the chefs of Hell’s Kitchen Season 16

1. Aaron Smock Cook (Michigan)
2. Andrew Pearce Sous Chef (Pennsylvania)
3. Aziza Young Kitchen Manager (Pennsylvania)
4. Devin Simpson Assistant Restaurant Manager (South Carolina)
5. Genaro Delillo Sous Chef (Pennsylvania)
6. Heather Williams Sous Chef (Pennsylvania)
7. Heidi Parent Executive Chef (Maine)
8. Jessica Boynton University Chef (North Carolina)
9. Johnny McDevitt Head Chef (Pennsylvania)
10. Kimberly Roth Sushi Chef (New York)
11. Kimberly-Ann “Ryan” Ryan Event Chef (Michigan)
12. Koop Wynkoop Kitchen Manager (Ohio)
13. Matt Hearn Saute Chef (California)
14. Pat Tortorello Culinary Instructor (New Jersey)
15. Paulie Giganti Executive Chef (New York)
16. Rajeeyah “Gia” Young Catering Chef (New York)
17. Shaina Hayden Banquet Chef (New York)
18. Wendy Mendez Pastry Chef (New York)

Hell’s Kitchen Season 16 premieres September 23. Foods 4 Better Health revealed the U.S. Army training boot camp setting for the first episode. Drill Sergeant Gordon is at the helm to whip them into shape. Find out who will cook up to his signature standard.