A Canadian couple has been forced to live separately after 62 years together. This was because they cannot stay in the same care home.

Wolf Gottschalk and his wife Anita have been together ever since they were teenagers. They used to live with their families in the same apartment complex in Dusseldorf, Germany. In 1954, Wolf and Anita decided to get married.

Canadian Couple Story: From Germany to Canada

The couple shifted to British Columbia a few months after their marriage for a better life for themselves and their future children. They successfully achieved their goal in the new country. A son and two girls completed the family.

Wolf, who is now 83 years old, used to work in the construction industry and his 81-year-old wife was employed in the retail sector.

After an ideal life of 62 years, the couple had to live separately. For the last eight months, because of the shortage of space at care homes, the once inseparable couple had to be away from each other.

Doctors diagnosed Wolf with lymphoma earlier this week following his early stages’ symptoms of dementia. He is also suffering from congestive heart failure.

Canadian Couple Separated Forcibly Due to Lack of Facilities

The incident came into the limelight when the couple’s granddaughter, Ashley Bartyik talked about her sadness and disappointment. The forceful separation of her grandparents devastated the young girl. In a Facebook posting, she mentioned the current situation, which has gone viral. “After 62 years together, they’re inseparable. They do everything together,” she wrote.

The granddaughter of the old Canadian couple told a media outlet that Anita always took care of Wolf. Until this January when the doctor said the condition of her husband was worsening. He needed special care and attention.

The young Bartyik expressed her frustration on seeing the facilities in The Residence located in Morgan Heights. The Canadian couple cannot even have their meals together because of the lack of required facilities.

The Daily Mail reported that Bartyik captured her grandpa’s photo where he is seen looking out of the window waiting for his wife. He was remembering her all the time by calling out his pet names for him like his “little mouse.”