Hawaii Five-O Season 7 is packed with more surprises this season.

Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and the rest of his team will come back in a more dramatic premiere. Executive producer Peter M. Lenkov revealed that McGarrett’s fate will be known this season. He said the character will be having some deep thoughts about life following his near-death experience last season. In the Hawaii Five-O Season 6 finale, McGarrett was seriously injured during an undercover mission with Danny (Scott Caan). The team then learned that he needed a new liver. Danny suggested that he will donate part of his liver to his friend.

“McGarrett is contemplating his mortality, contemplating the choices he’s made, and, following his near-death experience, really weighing the checks and balances of his life and looking at the cost of his job and what it has taken away from him. I think people, when they go through this kind of experience, start to say, “Is it worth it?” That’s where he starts the season,” Lenkov told Entertainment Weekly.

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The showrunner added during an interview with TVLine that there will be an arc about Danny when he tries to get McGarett to slow down. Danny will try to persuade Steve to take it easy and appreciate the fact that he has been given a second chance in life. However, McGarrett might have to reconsider any plans of taking a time out because of an ongoing killing spree in Five-O.

The official synopsis of Hawaii Five-O Episode 1 indicated that McGarrett refuses to hear Danny’s plea to take it easy.  Two serial killers’ bodies are found in the island with some chess pieces in their mouths. This will prompt the team to launch a hunt for a vigilante. The fear over the tourists’ security in the island also intensifies.

Meanwhile, Lenkov also teased a surprise wedding in Season 7. He revealed that one of the characters will tie the knot. Lenkov, however, refused to give more details about the wedding. Who could it be? Steve and Alicia are out of the choices. Lenkov already confirmed that the relationship between the two is purely professional.

Hawaii Five-O Season 7 returns Friday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.