This is sure to leave chills down your spine. India’s most famous ghostbuster was found dead under spooky circumstances.

Gaurav Tiwari, the founder of the Indian Paranormal Society, was found dead in the bathroom floor. The reason behind his death is unknown. But, there was a dark mark around his neck.

According to Australian ghostbuster Allen Tiller, Tiwari suffered a heart attack. Tiller was working with his Indian partner on Haunting: Australia, a TV series.

While police suspect asphyxiation as the cause of the death, it may not be a case of suicide. Just before the 32-year-old witch-hunter was found dead at home, his family heard a loud thud in the bathroom, locked from inside.

It may be highly unlikely for Tiwari to commit suicide, as he was having the time of his life. He was recently married. He was featured on the cover of a youth magazine. He had no financial stress or personal issues. He was reported to have been living a happy life until this happened.

The Indian ghostbuster, however, had an interesting life. He stayed up late at night as he went for ghost-hunting. Last Wednesday, he came home late as he went to a haunted house in New Delhi. Everything seemed fine. He even checked his mails minutes before he was found dead in his bathroom.

The full autopsy report is awaited. Interestingly enough, his family does not believe in ghosts or any such paranormal activities. They suspect Tiwari might have died after having slipped on to the bathroom floor. They do not believe he has committed suicide.


Facebook/Allen Tiller

In the Haunting Australia TV series, Tiwari is termed as one of the six best ghostbusters. In the series, he went to a number of haunted places in Australia. The places included Cockatoo Island, North Kapunda Hotel (South Australia) and Australia Pioneer Villiage.

A month before his death, Tiwari talked about “a negative force” which was pulling him towards it. “He had said he was trying to control it but seemed unable to do so,” The Times of India quoted his father as saying.

The black line around his neck is the most mysterious part in the death of the ghostbuster. Do you feel there was a paranormal reason behind his death? Say in the comment section below.