Even Harry Styles might have to look twice if he comes face to face with this Texan teenager.

Bailey Davila could be the best celebrity doppelgänger to date. Consequently, people on the streets stop him for his uncanny resemblance to the One Direction singer, Davila told Mail Online. The 15-year-old only realized this recently despite earlier comments from friends and family about their similar looks early on. Thus, Davila decided to grow his hair to mimic Styles’ signature look.

“I get stopped quite often now. It’s OK out on the streets – no one has asked me for an autograph yet!” he told the publication. Although it still surprises him, Davila admittedly enjoys the attention.

“I quite like the attention, although sometimes when I think about it it’s shocking. I have lots of people following me in the UK on social media, which I really didn’t expect,” Davila said. Aside from looking like Harry Styles, Davila seems to have mastered his mannerisms as well, the Huffington Post wrote. His mother Cristin, who sidelined as his photographer, took pics of him in poses reminiscent of the One Direction singer. Her son rocked Styles’ classic look that consists of skinny jeans, jacket, and sunglasses, The Sun noted. She had no idea who Styles was until this whole affair began.

“Mostly people have been really nice. He gets a lot of attention from girls so I’m sure he loves that. I didn’t really know who Harry Styles was but I sure do now!” she revealed.

The young Davila isn’t a fan of One Direction although he has a “keen interest in music,” the Mirror wrote. Thus, Harry Styles’ twin could possibly follow suit and pursue a music career, the publication remarked.

“I love writing songs, and I spend a lot of my weekend doing that. I’m also learning to play the guitar,” Davila said. Of late, Harry Styles is on hiatus from One Direction and pursuing acting on “Dunkirk.” Thus, would Davila consider doing the same? Moreover, would he cut off his long locks to match Styles’ updated look? Yet, could Davila fill for Harry Styles if the One Direction opts to leave the band for good?

As expected, news of anyone that looks like Harry Styles would elicit the craziest reactions on social media.