Is the Harry Styles Kendall Jenner together again rumor true? Yet, were they even a couple previously?

Kendall Jenner revealed an interesting detail about her personal life in a recent interview. As it turns out, she has had no boyfriend in the past two years. This calls to mind the timeline of her relationship with One Direction star Harry Styles. Thus, it would seem their time together last year was not official. Moreover, her half sister Khloe Kardashian might have been right when she described how Harry Styles Kendall Jenner were as a couple.

When they reportedly broke up then, sources revealed how each took potshots at the other. Kendall Jenner dissed Harry in an episode of the family’s reality TV show. She made public her efforts to improve the singer’s personal hygiene when they were together. Meanwhile, an earlier report cited an Instagram post of the 1D star. It allegedly took aim at the Victoria Secret model. However, he seemed to reconsider and deleted it, although not before it earned 750,000 likes.

Recent rumors hinted at her new boyfriend since Harry. Among the candidates were NBA star Jordan Clarkson of the L.A. Lakers. However, many surmised he was her rebound relationship from the 1D star. Many also considered A$AP Rocky as the likely successor since she adapted his beanie hat to her fashion style.

Sources revealed Harry Styles Kendall Jenner are together again.

Yet, could the latest news prove the model and singer/actor have set their differences aside? Moreover, are they ready to try again? Apparently, they are. According to a source, Harry Styles Kendall Jenner are together again. Their recent dinner date at Ysabel in L.A. appeared promising as onlookers said the model looked happy the whole time. Thus, the source revealed Kendall is thrilled with their imminent reunion.

“He has thought all along that Kendall is hot and was sort of just waiting for a chance to spend more time with her again,” the source told People.