One Direction fans will not be happy with what Harry Styles had to say about his time away from the boy band. Would it confirm their worst fears that the hiatus is likely permanent?

Harry Styles continues to make waves during the ongoing One Direction hiatus. After his work on the film Dunkirk, the singer and actor reportedly headed back to the music studio. Apparently, he is now ready to focus on his highly anticipated solo album. Moreover, it would seem his fans could probably expect it to come out by 2017. Yet how would fans react to Harry’s revelation about the One Direction split?

“I would never say we’ll never do anything again but it’s good for us to be exploring different things. I loved it and it was what I wanted, but I’m enjoying writing at the moment — trying new things. I’ve been asking myself ‘What do you want to say?’” Harry told Chelsea Handler in an interview. Aside from his profession, he is also enjoying a few romances as well, according to Hollywood Life.

Hence, it would seem Harry is enjoying his time away from One Direction. Then again, his thoughts would appear to echo the sentiments of his fellow 1D mates. Harry Styles is not the only 1D star to explore a solo career.
Liam Payne and Niall Horan are also doing the same. Aside from their careers, Niall has his golf while Liam is spending time with girlfriend Cheryl. Louis Tomlinson seems to be going down another path but is still highly visible. In addition to daddy duties, it would appear he is following in the footsteps of music mogul Simon Cowell.

Fans remain hopeful the One Direction split is temporary and they would eventually reunite. However, is the opinion of Harry an indication of what the rest of the band thinks?

Did Harry Styles forecast the One Direction split?