Harry Styles recently took down an Instagram post that fans thought was directed at Kendall Jenner. But a change of heart might not be the only reason for the deletion.

The since-deleted post, screenshot here by Sugar Scape, features a shirtless boxer and a “dramatic bandage glove.”

According to Sugar Scape, fans were quick to realize that this post wasn’t a photo of the singer. The boxer, they pointed out, did not have Styles’ tattoos.  But the post still got three quarter of a million likes.

The post didn’t get love from one particular person, though. No, not Jenner. The man behind the “dramatic” snap.

It appears Styles not only dissed Jenner. He also forgot to credit the original photographer.

According to Inquisitr, the photographer, Ezequiel Scagnetti, took to Facebook to call the singer out.

““I’m interested to see who is this guy that published my picture…without even mentioning my name.” he said.

Following this, the British singer promptly deleted the photo.

Styles’ fans still tried to defend him, though. Scagnetti fired back. They were spreading “unlimited hate, in the honour of #harrystyles,” he said.

“Styles made a mistake by using my picture, he understood it was wrong and erased the post (most probably following recommendations from legal advisers) but I’m ok with this,” he added.

It was previously reported that Styles and Jenner broke up. Styles, a source said, “wasn’t ready to fully commit.” Jenner, on the other hand, “wanted more.”

According to Inquisitr, Styles has dissed Jenner on social media before. He reportedly called out the model with clean versions of Kendrick Lamar lyrics.

This isn’t the first time Styles was accused of plagiarism.

Last year, Zedd called out Styles‘ band on Instagram. A line in his song “True Colors” sounds similar to One Direction’s “Drag Me Down.”

The British band is currently in hiatus.


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