The developers of Ingress and world-hit Pokémon Go has confirmed a Harry Potter Go is in the works. For Potterheads who want more, you can now make your life in the Muggleworld a little bit better with Harry Potter Go.

The Concept

Similar to Pokémon Go with Pokéstops and Gyms, Harry Potter Go will have wizardry and witchcraft schools. There will also be quests and largescale events, according to developer Marcus Figueroa. Who wants Quidditch in the game?

Instead of catching Pokémon, Potterheads will have to acquire spells and magical skills which will help them in their quests. There will also be interactive events which will have Potterheads play the game. This will allow Potterheads to meet one another similar to what happens on Pokéwalks.

The factions, or should we say the houses, will definitely figure a large role in the game as well. So prepare to pick whether you want to be in brave Gryffindor, sly Slytherin, ravenous Ravenclaw or happy-go-lucky Hufflepuff. Or let’s hope the sorting hat sees your soul and sorts you accordingly.

The Release

Hopefully, the Harry Potter Go will be released by early 2017. However, due to the scale of the project, Potterheads may need to exercise their utmost patience while waiting for the game’s release.

What’s sure however, is that Niantic Labs has acquired the rights to develop the game which somehow ensures Potterheads will get their Harry Potter Go. However, with Pokémon Go still waiting to be released worldwide, it’s safe to assume Harry Potter Go’s development might be stalled for the meantime.

The Petition

Harry Potter Go was initially the product of one zealous Potterhead named Ashtyn Hannon. She first thought of the concept upon the release of Pokémon Go. She further thought the app may be a great way to promote the film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. From featuring potions from Professor Snape’s class, the seven Horcruxes to even flinging curses and casting spells, Hannon’s petition was enough to catch the attention of Niantic Labs.

As of writing the petition has garnered 39,110 supporters. Just 890 signers shy of her 40,000 goal.

With Niantic senior developer Marcus Figueroa’s admission in an IGN interview, however, it seems Potterhead does not need the petition anymore as Harry Potter Go gets the greenlight!

So here’s to Harry Potter Go and get your wands ready for next year!