There have been several questions regarding the presence of such a small number of students in Harry Potter‘s Hogwarts class. After years of guessing and calculating, a fan theory now gives the closest answer to the question.

A Tumblr user propounded a theory stating why Harry’s class is so small. The theory blamed Lord Voldemort for such a small number of students.

J.K. Rowling stated three years after the publication of the first Harry Potter novel that there were about 1,000 students in Hogwarts. The statement seemed to have confusing dimensions for inquiring minds.

During Harry’s time, the number of students in his class was not more than 18. Nonetheless, most of J.K. Rowling’s logic in this wizarding universe is considered flawless by fans.

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However, this specific issue has bothered fans and the math just won’t add up.

Obviously, if there were just 18 people per class, that wouldn’t be anywhere near 1,000 students in total, attending Hogwarts.

According to the fan, there might actually be fewer students in the Hogwarts Class of 1998. This is because the period when the other kids would have been reproduced (1979-1981) was when Voldemort’s reign of power was at its peak.

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The fan went on to say that during this period of turmoil, there were dozens of adults who joined the Order, dozens of civilians who were murdered in Death Eater raids and dozens of adults who did not want to bring a child into the world.

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“It’s actually entirely possible that there was a baby drought for a few years in the wizarding world, leading to a smaller class size a decade later,” the fan wrote.

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Rowling has not mentioned any specific reason for the existence of this discrepancy. This fan theory has been going around the Internet, and it seems to be a good enough reason.

Scores of Potterheads have expressed belief that what the theory stated might just be the truth. According to The Inquisitor, the theory “would fit into the universe and still make good sense.”

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Last year, another fan wrote something similar on Reddit. The fan said that Harry Potter‘s generation was quite smaller compared to past and future generations. This is because Voldemort killed so many families during the First Wizarding War, says The Huffington Post.